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Visual Showcasing & Surveying


Commercial advertising, surveying, 3d modelling, showcasing; the advantages that professional UAV images can offer your business are simply endless. Aerial photography and videography are just one of the services we offer, from simple snaps and beautiful HDR panoramic pieces to really showcase your asset, to precise GPS surveying and large area mapping complete with orthomosaic maps and 3d rendered models. Optix Aerial's UAV solutions can give you a whole new perspective on rural & agricultural properties and devolopments. Our equipment can deliver top shelf imaging and cinema quality video.


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Showcasing & Advertising


Are you looking for professional interior and aerial photography to expand your advertising & marketing campaigns?

Optix Aerial offers a photography & videography service for commercial, private & residential clients, throughout Gympie region and the Fraser Coast. 

Optix Aerial offers tailored packages for Real Estate and Commercial Companies. Get in touch with us today to see how we can benefit your business.

Video advertising packages at an affordable rate.

Using top tier imaging systems and industrial grade drones provides our clients with the best results possible, molded to your perspective.

Employ a new perspective with drone photography & videography to really make your asset stand out of the crowd.

All operations undertaken are compliant with Civil Aviation's regulations. Some locations may require extended approval times if in the vicinity of aerodromes.

We are fully insured with public liability. 

Visual Mapping, Modeling & Surveying

Showcase your asset in a whole different light.


Be it focused toward rural/agricultural, or showcasing an object or property, orthomosaic mapping can provide a wealth of information for the prospecting buyer or seller.

Elevation maps, GPS waypointing, Thermal mapping and Surveying are just some of the examples of what can be provided by inserting UAV technology into your business' portfolio.