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Drone Inspections & Thermography

Optix Aerial was born on the concept of UAV Thermography. We are a team of drone enthusiasts with a career built around Infrared imaging & Solar installations. 


Aerial Thermal Inspections are the ultimate non-invasive way to inspect hard-to-reach places or assets that are above ground floor. With UAV's or 'Drones' being much more cost effective compared to other manned aircraft, being able to utilize this revolutionary technology for your asset inspection needs has never been easier.

Optix Aerial is Gympie & Fraser Coast Regions' first Thermal Drone Service, with affordable packages for all PV systems Residential to Industrial.




Please see below for more details on the services we provide. 


Solar & Utilities Inspections

UAVs and Thermal Cameras are revolutionary when it comes to non-invasive, non-destructive Inspections. By Using a combination of Infrared & Thermal imaging, we can provide on the spot detections, solutions & reporting. Optix Aerial's solar thermography service allows us to save you time and money, whilst increasing efficiency and minimizing the risks that come with height work. Our crew has years of experience in the solar industry and is available Australia wide.


thermal overlay of faulty panels 

These PV panels appear fine from a visual camera, however an infrared view reveals a completely different perspective.

These 'hotspots' are more common in older PV installations but can have a ongoing impact on the performance of your solar.


High temperature readings on overheating cells
Fire and Search & Rescue services

When an incident arises which puts peoples lives at risk, the use of UAVs allows responders to obtain real-time data and imagery to better judge the course of action when disaster strikes. When it comes to wildlife, missing people and/or fire detection, our combined infrared/visual inspection drone becomes the best tool for the job, whilst also greatly reducing the cost and risk of having men on the ground.

We offer an on-call service with the SES and Emergency services for Gympie Region & Fraser Coast.


Thermal camera's equipped on a UAV can greatly benefit back burns and wildfire management. When used in conjunction with a visual camera, Optix Aerial is able to provide real time Thermal & Visual data of any potential hazards directly to the firefighters, and to help resolve the scenario as quick as possible. 
Fauna & Wildlife Services

Monitor the growth, movement and spread of Fauna throughout rural and regional areas. Track feral animals over a designated area at night or day using thermal imaging sensors, to assist in strategically planning a solution. By utilizing UAV technology equipped with infrared cameras, Optix Aerial can monitor from a safe distance without disturbing their natural movements, leading to accurate and reliable data.

Manage the spread of desired and undesired fauna simply and effectively.

Water & Gas Line Inspections

Corrosion can occur in numerous places throughout oil & gas processing systems. Be it offshore, mainland or through impassible terrain, all lines and pipes need to be regularly inspected and maintained. By using long-range Infrared-equipped UAV's, there is no terrain too tough for our crew to inspect over. Take the cost out of using helicopters and ground vehicles for a faster, cheaper and quicker solution using drones. Optix Aerials UAV equipment for the Oil & Gas sector include military grade thermal imaging payloads equipped on flight redundant, IP rated drones for the ultimate aerial thermal solution. Contact us for pricing or further information.


Our Equipment

UAV System

Thermal Camera

Visual Camera

DJI Matrice 210

FLIR XT2Zenmuse X5S

DJI Inspire 2 

FLIR C2 handheldZenmuse Z30

Optix Aerial services Gympie Region, Fraser Coast and Wide Bay, QLD.
All operations undertaken are compliant with Civil Aviation's regulations.
We are fully insured with public liability.

ACUO network -


What is the advantage of Thermal Imaging?


◘ Optix Aerial's UAV operators certificate allows us to operate in a large majority of compliant situations. Night, day, rain or shine. ◘ Using the DJI M200 series UAV, paired with FLIR's XT2 sensor, allows our equipment to withstand rain and high wind and operate with confidence even in horrible conditions. This combination is the first completely IP rated thermal imaging UAV setup to be available for commercial use.
◘ Thermal imaging allows us to see assets in a whole new light. Detection of temperature anomalies can affect many things from water build up to chewed cables behind a wall. The possibilities are expanding the more & more this technology progresses. 


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