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Drone Inspections: Safest for Your Team & Assets

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11:00 AM

Drone Inspections: Safest for Your Team & Assets

It’s undeniable that drones have cemented their usefulness in today’s world. From farming to remote deliveries, an increasing number of industries have embraced their use for efficient, effective, and safe practices.


The asset management industry has particularly benefited from the invention of this revolutionary technology. Able to see from the skies, the cameras, sensors, and other hi-tech - of which that many drones come equipped with - ensures safe and thorough asset inspection, without the risks associated with manual work.

Why are drone roof inspections the best option for your asset management?


Every asset inspection runs the risk of injury for those overseeing the site. The sheer height of rooftops makes them especially dangerous platforms for manual inspections, both for experienced inspectors, and the everyday asset owner. Loose tiles, slippery surfaces, and sudden weather changes all pose a risk for physical roof assessments - which makes the introduction of drones a far more favourable option.


The move to drone roof inspections has drastically improved the safety of rooftop asset inspections by eliminating the need for the inspectors’ physical presence on the rooftop, and adding new dimensions of information. Able to view the roof from a bird’s-eye perspective, the drone’s high-quality lenses capture and carry the necessary information to devices from which the inspector can view and analyse the roof from a safe, secure location. Having the advantage of showing a “big picture” image in one shot, the drone’s vantage point means that one can do much more with less effort.


Additionally, drones for asset inspections have the advantage of other technologies that can assist in identifying the state of a site with a variety of sensors and tools. For this reason alone, these gadgets prove their usefulness and provide far more insight with far less risk.

How do your asset inspections benefit from a drone thermal camera?


Drone thermal cameras are one of the tools that improve your analysis of the asset inspection. Viewing the asset from above, the thermal camera is able to pick up on any pests, construction concerns, and give an overview of the site with high resolution images of the internal and external elements of the site.


This reduces the need for internal site inspections within risky assets such as neglected or abandoned buildings, where the state of the asset can endanger those entering it. It’s also highly useful for monitoring industrial applications, such as energy generators, cell towers, and factories.


The very nature of a thermal drone camera expands the applications for asset inspections from safe daytime use to safe nighttime use. Able to feed quality information even in pitch black conditions, thermal drone cameras help you monitor site activity at all hours without risking your physical safety in the process.


Drone asset inspections have established themselves and the best method of safely inspecting your assets. Eliminating the dangers of climbing and entering structures and unsafe assets, the security they provide saves lives; enabling you to access reliable, accurate information about your valuables, from a risk-free location.