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Commercial & Industrial UAV Services Brisbane.


With services spanning across a number of fields – including drone roof inspections, imaging, showcase and photography, Optix Aerial provides a holistic solution for businesses right across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


With a fleet of UAV systems in hand, our aerial technology and cutting-edge drone thermal cameras allow you to identify problem areas that are out of easy-to-reach access. Utilizing the best in mapping technology, our team provides clients with thorough readings that pinpoint odd temperatures and hotspots, identifying ‘risk areas’ before they cause significant or further damage. Through this, we’re also able to help clients improve the performance of their asset, no matter its nature.


Backed by highly advanced infrared features, our drone thermography solutions offer a non-invasive approach to gaining critical data around your asset, all through seamless reporting and images that convey the most important information.


UAV thermography for hard-to-reach issues


Having built our experienced Brisbane team from their work across industries relating to solar and infrared imaging, we’re well-versed in understanding the importance of asset performance. That’s why we’re more than equipped to help clients recognise and pinpoint a problem area through drone roof inspections that offer an examination at a fraction of the cost as alternative methods.


Often, the biggest problems are out of sight and mind, and can quickly fall behind in performance when not given the proper attention. With extensive experience under our belts, we provide drone thermal cameras that can deliver on a number of solutions, including:


  • Inspections of utilities and solar systems;
  • Assistance with search and rescue services for contexts relating to fires;
  • Real estate and commercial services;
  • Photography and visual mapping;
  • Drone roof inspections and examinations of water and gas systems.


Photography, visual mapping and more


Though we dabble a lot with drone thermal cameras, Brisbane clients often come to us for commercial needs too, including advertising and showcase projects. With exceptional services at hand that can assist with incredible imaging and videography, we’re able to deliver visuals for a wide variety of purposes. Enjoy mapped out areas of large proportions, orthomosaic mapping, 3D rendering and reporting.


Need experts in Brisbane to help you with your need for asset inspections or visual services? Contact us on (07) 5485 7117 now to find out more about our drone thermal cameras, or email


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